Introducing a novel simulation platform for solar research applications, focused on standardising simulation experience and cross-platform collaboration between researchers


Standard user interface

Web-based interface to access/modify individual input parameters for various cell architectures.

Integrate external simulation programs (GroupAdmin only)

Restful API to export architectures, documentation to wrap your simulation program with the platform.

Simulated Measurements

personalised database for all your simulated measurements making it easy for you to compare various simulation tasks.

Personalised solar databases

Dynamic database to store personalised materials, cells and test samples data.

Access control system

Powerful user management system enabling various admin rights (Organisation, Manager, Group administrator, Group member and Researcher).

Web-based PC1D

PC1D is the most standard solar cell device simulation software. It has been implemented as a web and desktop client with added features.

Live Export API (GroupAdmin only)

JSON APIs to export personalised solar architectures for local development of simulation programs.

Cross-platform clients

Web and desktop clients (simulation programs that can be executed via web or local downloadable clients).

Real measurement database

personalised database for all your uploaded measurements allowing you to compare quality of simulation with respect to simulated measurement.

What does a group admin do?

Create a standard device architecture (CELL or TEST SAMPLE) and publish it.

Integrate own simulation programs that works with one or more published architectures.

Assign your simulation program to the published architectures.

What does a researcher do?

Access the various standard architectures published by Group Admins

Build personalised architectures by modifying the standard parameters.

Choose a simulation program and perform calculation.

Store, visualize and compare your simulated measurements.

Upload your measurements and apply post-processing

Personlized prediction of input parameters for desired measurements.


We have opened the platform to a first batch of Group admins (i.e. experts that help integrate simulation programs and standard architectures ( i.e. publish cells, test samples).

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Dr. Rolf Stangl

Head of Novel cell concepts and Simulation group (SERIS)

Rahul Jaiswal

Research Assistant, Simulation API/Integration

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Dr. Ke Cangming

Head of PV simulation team

Sumukh Ramprasad

Research Intern (July 2016 - Jan 2017)

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